Southville - It's the new Clifton

In my last blog I may have said that Clevedon is the new Clifton and in the blog before that I may have said that Southmead is the new Clifton and these statements may have caused a stir.  We all make mistakes and I was mistaken when I said that Southmead or Clevedon was the new Clifton because Southville is the new St Andrews and St Andrews is the new Redland and Redland is the new Clifton so therefore SOUTHVILLE IS DEFINITELY THE NEW CLIFTON  There can be no argument especially as estate agents call it Lower Clifton (privately of course).

Seriously Southville shouldn’t be compared to Clifton.  It is so much better.  In every way.  Let’s look at the evidence

Amenities – North St V Princess Victoria St – No contest.  North St has Lion Stores the mighty Mark’s BreadThe Tobacco Factory and plenty of excellent affordable cafes and restaurants.   Princess Victoria Street has a Farrow and ball shop a Crew clothing shop and the world’s worst Co-Op  Yes Clifton has The Downs on its doorstep but Southville is just a few minutes’ walk from Ashton Court  So there you have it a crushing victory for Southville

House Prices – Really we are having this conversation?  This 3 bed 2 reception house on Greville Street is on the market for £425,000 In contrast £625,000 gets you this 3 bed house in Clifton Woodless than a mile away.  So another win for Southville

Quality of life – This is I know subjective, but life in Southville is better.  It has a proper community feel, the schools are excellent and people smile are friendlier.   Clifton Village takes itself too seriously back in the day Clifton had a slightly rakish almost seedy atmosphere and it was all the better for it.  Now that has gone to be replaced by coffee at £4 a shot, shops that sell stuff you don’t need and London house prices. 

So its Southville 3 Clifton 0 a resounding victory.  Now ask me where I would want to live and the answer is……………………………..

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