Area guide: Clevedon

Welcome to Clevedon, a charming seaside town nestled on the stunning coastline of North Somerset. With its picturesque Victorian architecture, scenic coastal views, and vibrant community spirit, Clevedon offers residents a unique blend of coastal living and historic charm. Here’s your comprehensive property guide to Clevedon:

Location and Accessibility:

Clevedon is ideally situated on the Bristol Channel, just 13 miles southwest of Bristol city center and 11 miles west of Weston-super-Mare. The town is easily accessible by road via the M5 motorway and A370, making it convenient for commuters and visitors alike. Clevedon also benefits from excellent public transport links, including bus services and a nearby railway station, providing connections to major cities and towns in the region.

Housing Market:

The housing market in Clevedon offers a diverse range of properties, from elegant Victorian villas and Georgian townhouses to modern apartments and quaint cottages. Many homes in Clevedon boast stunning views of the Bristol Channel or overlook the town’s historic seafront promenade. Property prices in Clevedon vary depending on factors such as location, size, and condition, with options available to suit a range of budgets and preferences.

Local Amenities:

Clevedon boasts a wealth of local amenities, including shops, cafes, restaurants, and traditional pubs, providing residents with everything they need for day-to-day living. The town is home to a bustling high street lined with independent retailers, as well as supermarkets and convenience stores for added convenience. Clevedon also offers a range of leisure facilities, including parks, sports clubs, and a leisure center, ensuring there’s always something to do for residents of all ages.

Coastal Lifestyle:

One of the main attractions of Clevedon is its stunning coastline, which offers residents the opportunity to enjoy a range of outdoor activities and leisure pursuits. The town’s historic Victorian pier, Grade I listed Clevedon Pier, is a popular spot for leisurely walks, fishing, and enjoying panoramic views of the Bristol Channel. Clevedon’s seafront promenade also provides opportunities for cycling, jogging, or simply taking in the fresh sea air and scenic vistas.

Community Spirit:

Clevedon is known for its strong sense of community spirit, with residents actively participating in local events, festivals, and community projects throughout the year. From farmers’ markets and arts festivals to charity fundraisers and beach clean-ups, there are plenty of opportunities for residents to get involved and connect with their neighbors. The town’s friendly atmosphere and welcoming community make it an ideal place to call home for families, retirees, and young professionals alike.

Historic Heritage:

Clevedon is steeped in history, with many notable landmarks and heritage sites dotted throughout the town. In addition to Clevedon Pier, other historic attractions include Clevedon Court, a stunning Grade I listed mansion with beautifully landscaped gardens, and Clevedon Seafront and Heritage Trail, which showcases the town’s rich maritime history and architectural heritage. Residents and visitors alike can explore Clevedon’s past through guided tours, exhibitions, and special events held throughout the year.


Clevedon offers residents a unique combination of coastal living, historic charm, and vibrant community spirit. With its scenic coastline, diverse housing options, and range of local amenities, Clevedon provides an idyllic setting for those seeking a relaxed and picturesque lifestyle by the sea. Whether you’re looking for a seaside retreat, a family home, or a place to retire, Clevedon welcomes you with open arms. Come and discover why so many people choose to call this charming seaside town home.

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